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There are only two of us full time at First Sight, but we pack a potent punch when it comes to creative work

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Identities, brochures, advertisements, leaflets, magazines, websites, emails… you name it! From the smallest web banner to the biggest truck side, every project done by us gets the same high level of care, and because we work from our home office in the rolling Chilterns, we’re able to charge a much lower price than you’d expect. What’s not to love?

We have a wide range of customers and end users, from small local businesses to giant multinationals, and it doesn’t matter what the project is, or whether it’s analogue or digital, we love our work and we think that you will too.

On time and on budget is our mantra. If that’s something that sounds good to you, please get in touch. What have you got to lose, except perhaps any worries about timings and budgets?



Like his hair, Fred’s been in this industry for a time which is also long! There’s probably no type of creative work he hasn’t done in more than 20 years in this profession. Time flies when you’re having fun!



Almost as long in the experience department, Bee’s superpowers are artworking, insightful design direction and accounting – all at the same time and sometimes including our cats’ keyboard skills.

Let’s work together

…and achieve fantastic results at a very helpful price